I have been playing keyboards and piano since i can remember ( my first half size keyboard i got when i was five ) and guitar since i was seven. I have been independently recording since i got my first powerPC when i was ten. I have done plenty of recordings in the style of heavy industrial to folk to instrumental electronica. Check out my site


December 28th, 2005 + 5:12 AM  ·  mage11

keep having stupid things break down on my comp
first my power supplie poped - then i had apurged curcuit on my motherboard and now my sound card with my only working midi input failed - and the onboard records the metronome off of cubase! BLASTED HARDWARE!!!
anyways - i am gfoing to hold off on a new sound card till i can afford a really good one ( one with frontside controle and anormal midi in and out - and rca ins and outs - yeah yeah yeah )
anyways - i should be putting up some of my newer instrumental work soon
keep postin ya all!!!

````and smokin

Merry Christmas Everyone

December 25th, 2005 + 1:12 AM  ·  mage11

What a wonderfull time of year - i quickly run out of money and bam! there we are at the end of a fiscal year ( i wonder if they did that on purpose - naaahhh!!! )

I hope to be posting some newer stuff soon - but i allways say i am working on stuff - and thats the truth - but i am often working on more than one project and one really big project(fatherhood). So, i do hope to have a short acoustic album called "CounterPoint" out at this time next year. I also promised my Mother i would help her with her cd - so who knows how long that will take

Love ya all - Drive with a designated driver -
Merry Christmas
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